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Try Our Homemade Pies

Second Home Kitchen + Bar, Denver, CO

Second Home Restaurant thrives on making you feel comfortable “a home away from home” if you will. It doesn’t end with comfortable seating and friendly service, our food is prepared with comfort in mind right down to our desserts. Each night we have three homemade pies for guests, prepared with fresh local ingredients by pastry chef Kendal Matthews. Chef explains that our Apple Pie is a staple and never comes off the menu; so many guests love to order them after dinner, with a dollop of vanilla ice cream for the perfect finish. If you’re staying with us at the J.W. Marriot, the good news is; the elevators are right by the restaurant so not too much walking with a full belly from Second Home!


Of the three pies two of them change with the seasons and right now our peach pie from palisade orchard and farms is a seasonal favorite. Palisade Orchard and Farms is located in Palisade, Colorado about 4 hours from Denver. Interesting fact; “Palisade, Colorado is renowned for its ability to grow some of North America’s best fruit. Palisade has a rich history of raising all types of fruits and vegetables in a climate unique to this section of the Western Slope. As early as the 1890s, apple, cherry, peach, pear and plum trees were planted in the area. In 1909, the town celebrated the first Peach Day festival, with President Taft as the speaker. During harvest season, which runs from late June to early October, you’ll be able to find these great fruits and vegetables at stands and orchards throughout the town” (visitpaisade.com). So not only do we have delicious sourced pies, the stories behind where our pies began are pretty cool as well.


Be sure to make some room for our homemade pies when you stop in for any meal period. Hey, we won’t judge if you want pie for breakfast, sometimes we do too!