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Second Home’s Social Hour

Second Home’s Social Hour

Did you know Second Home has a Social Hour Monday – Friday from 4pm – 6pm? Cozy up to our fireplace on the patio, or enjoy our oversized seats at our lounge! We know work can be hard and we want you to come in and kick off you shoes and get comfortable in our bar lounge! Our specials include; $1 off wines by the glass, domestic and craft beers, and well liquors. It doesn’t stop there though; we have $5 cocktails hand crafted by our mixologists and a plethora of appetizers to give you just enough before you go home to the family for dinner, including our fan favorite; Chips and dip with our couch potatoes and white cheddar dip. We won’t judge if you feel like being a couch potato on a Friday afternoon at Second Home!

You can check out our social menu here.

Fun fact about Happy Hours/Social Hours; the term comes to us from the prohibition period! Americans would gather together in secret speakeasies or at home to consume some tantalizingly illegal cocktails to wet their whistle before dinner. “Happy Hour” as an expression was soon picked up, either directly or secondhand, from the Naval slang and merged to describe these outlawed gatherings. Though Prohibition was later repealed, the concept stuck around. Some think that a Saturday Evening Post article from 1959 that mentioned the happy hour in regards to military life introduced the expression to the public, but other sources, like the OED, cite later examples—such as a 1961 Providence Journal article referencing Newport policemen “deprived of their happy hour at the cocktail bar”—as informally spreading it into the general vernacular over time. Eventually, in the ’70s and ’80s, it was co-opted by the service industry as the food and drink specials we know today.

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