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Introducing: Denis, Jonathan and Tim!

We are proud to introduce our new culinary leaders at Second Home: Denis, Jonathan and Tim! Denis Zvekic heads the kitchen as our new Executive Chef. Denis began working at Second Home in 2008 as the Sous Chef. He has worked tirelessly to create a thriving culinary team and put Second Home on of the map in Cherry Creek. Denis proved his business savvy and creativity as one of the masterminds behind our ever popular Pajama Brunch. With his unique creativity and undeniable talent he became the obvious choice when it came time to promote a new Executive Sous Chef.  He has played a key role in driving Second Home’s success and making it one of the best restaurants in Denver. We are thrilled Denis has accepted the Executive Chef position and cannot wait for what is to come!

Our new Chef de Cuisine, Jonathan “Juicy” Mathews, started his career at Second Home in 2012 as a line cook. Jonathan’s passion for food began as a young kid witnessing both his brothers and father’s allergies severely limit the food options available to them. This drove him to explore food and flavors in a new way. The foundation of his culinary goals were set in stone during his first prep cook job at the age of 14. Since then Johnathan has taken every challenge with strides. His drive and pursuit of excellence pushes not only himself but everyone around him to be better. These skills have led his path toward great success at Second Home.

Finally Tim Young rounds out our culinary team as our new Sous Chef. Tim began his passion for cooking at an early age. Working with his dad in the kitchen, food was a huge part of his childhood and created many great memories. He first came to Colorado while attending Johnson and Whales University in Denver and hasn’t looked back. He joined the Second Home team 3 years ago as a prep cook and quickly made his mark. Tim played a big role in devolving our brunch menu to what it is today. He has trained every AM cook and worked every position in the kitchen. Tim has become a leader to both the kitchen staff and front of house whenever Chefs are not present. We are excited for Tim to take on this new role and cannot wait to see what else he can add to the team.

Come join us at Second Home to congratulate our new culinary team. Luckily for you, the best way to do that is dine with us!