Stay Toasty While Getting Toasted

We have to say that there is nothing like drinking and hanging out around a campfire. The coziness of it all; the nostalgia. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself.


Thrillist just named Second Home’s fire pit as one of the top places to drink at in Denver. And we have to agree. Yes, our fire pit is accommodating and convenient, but what makes it unique to Denver are our cocktails. We pride ourselves on having obscure and remote drinks that one could find at a Speakeasy circa the 1920’s.


As we say goodbye to winter and welcome the warmer nights of spring remember that there is a fire pit located right in the comfort of your second home. We’ll even throw in our fudge brownie with toasted marshmallows to really set the mood.

Private Dining

Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe a birthday party, anniversary or work event? At Second Home we offer a private dining experience, so that you can enjoy your party and leave the cooking and cleaning to us. We offer outdoor and indoor options depending on your preference and we will do our best to accommodate parties of all sizes and importance.


Plus, you can’t go wrong with our unique twist on comfort food, we guarantee that there will be something for everyone! In addition to our diverse menu we also offer a myriad of beverages ranging from craft beer and domestic wine to prohibition inspired cocktails. Leave the planning and logistics to us because we’d love to see you enjoy yourself in your Second Home! We’re excited to make your next event something you’ll never forget and not just because you had one too many Manhattans!


To book an event, tell us a little about your party right here:

Because Everything Tastes Better In A Skillet

We’ve heard that dessert is the most important meal of the day-breakfast being a close second. Dessert locks in the flavors of your meal and sets the tone for your night. If you leave a restaurant without something sweet post meal, you can’t help but feel that something’s missing. At Second Home, we understand the struggle. Which is why we pride ourselves on not only offering a myriad of sweet snacks, but also a wide variety of dessert beverages-ranging from Bourbons, Dessert Wines, Scotch and Ports.


A classic favorite around here has been our Cast iron Skillet Cookie which is made with an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and smothered with vanilla ice cream. The perfect antidote to a long day or an unforgiving sweet tooth.


And trust us when we say that we will never judge you for ordering dessert first. Because we do it all the time.

Local Shout Out: Leopold Bros

Leopold Bros. is a family owned and operated distillery located in the heart of Denver, CO. Being surrounded by countless local breweries and restaurants their presence is warmly welcomed by the community. They definitely do whiskey right, “We malt our barley. We mill our grains. We ferment our mash. We distill everything onsite. We never add artificial ingredients. We barrel and bottle everything by hand.” With a process as meticulous and heartfelt as theirs, it’s no wonder they have developed a sort of cult following throughout not only Colorado but across seas as well.


Looking to get a sip of their award winning whiskey? We offer Leopold’s New York Apple Flavored Whiskey. Enjoy it over ice or add it into your favorite cocktail!

New Years Eve at Second Home

There is nothing more frustrating than running around on New Years Eve and waiting in lines at various bars, only to be caught outside when the ball begins to drop. NYE is a night to forget the events that transpired in 2014 and look forward to brand new and beautiful year. Because we love champagne and good food, we have devised the perfect evening and would love for you to join us.


There will be a delicious dinner served from 5-11pm complete with Pan Roasted Creekstone Filet and Grilled Maine Lobster Tail. A DJ will get the party started around 9pm and during the night there will be specials on cocktails. And our personal favorite: a complimentary champagne toast will take place at midnight to help ring in the New Year.


Plan ahead and call us today to make your New Years Eve reservations: 303 253 3000

Our Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

Nothing says Christmas like having your own family traditions. Sugar cookies cut into Christmas trees, eggnog by the fire, caroling with friends…At our home, we love to make marshmallows from scratch. They’re a perfect companion to warm cups of cocoa or atop mouth-watering sweets. We’d love to share our family recipe with you and help start a new tradition, from our home to yours…


What You’ll Need: (makes one half sheet tray)

12 oz water

5 cups sugar

5 cup corn syrup

18 ea  gelatin sheets

1 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla paste


What to do:

1. Place water, sugar and corn syrup into sauce pot

2. Mix until homogenous

3. Place on stove and heat until 230 degrees (adjusted for altitude)

4. Meanwhile, bloom the gelatin sheets in cold water

5. In the mixing bowl, place the remaining three ingredients

6. Turn mixer on low with whip attachment

7. Once the gelatin has bloomed (12 minutes) grab out of water

8. DO NOT SQUEEZE, but let drain for a second between fingers

9. Add to the kitchen aid mixer

10. Once the syrup mixture has reached 230 remove from heat

11. Bring immediately over to mixer and drizzle into mix

12. Once fully incorporated, turn mixer on to speed 8-ish

13. Let it get pillowy/triple in volume over the next 8 minutes

14. Pour out onto half sheet tray lined and sprayed

15. Sprinkle 50/50 mix of powdered sugar and cornstarch over the top

16. Cover with plastic wrap

17. Let sit for 6 hours until set. Cut with scissors.


Second Home Tip: Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes and decorate as you wish! When you’re finished show us your creations with the hashtag: #SecondHomeMallows


Happy holidays!

Second Home For The Holidays

There’s no better feeling than being home for the holidays, other than being at Second Home for the holidays. Bring your family, friends, good tidings and cheer and join us on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for Pajama Brunch and Dinner.

We’ll be relaxing in our PJ’s and sipping Mimosas from 7-2pm on Christmas Day. Followed by a delicious home cooked meal of Pan Roasted Black Cod, Duck Cassoulet and Herb Crusted Harris Ranch Prime Rib of Beef. So, come cozy up with us and enjoy being surrounded by great food and friends.

And just remember… there’s no place like Second Home for the Holidays.

Cooking Matters At Second Home

In Colorado, 1 in 5 children are at risk for hunger and malnutrition. This is why we’ve partnered with Cooking Matters Colorado, a groundbreaking nutrition education program that helps families by teaching them how to prepare healthy low-cost meals by equipping them with the tools they need to provide nutritional meals for their families without breaking the bank.

This Tuesday, December, 9th we will donate 10% of all proceeds to Cooking Matters Colorado. The donations will help buy classes and supplies for local families, making us one step closer to fighting hunger in Colorado.

Drop by this Tuesday and help support the cause. See you then!

Endless Fried Chicken

Sunday is not just about watching football, at Second Home it’s about fried chicken, southern sides and beer. An endless bucket of fried chicken speaks for itself, but when we add our classic whipped potatoes, green beans and coleslaw it becomes your next Sunday night tradition. We also threw in Stranahan’s Maple Syrup to sweeten the deal.

On top of a comfort food marathon, all beer will be 50% off. Overeat with us every Sunday from 5 – 10pm.

Monday never seemed so far away…

Thanksgiving Dinner

Before you start crafting your holiday shopping lists be sure to take a look at our Thanksgiving menu. Our dinner is complete with all of your traditional favorites, a perfectly paired list of red and white wines, shareable starters and of course, homemade pie. There’s no need to slave over a hot stove all day or worry about over cooking the bird because we’ve got you covered. Bring the entire family, relax and give thanks for Free Range Turkey, Whipped Mashed Potatoes and Stranahan’s Whiskey Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes. Make your reservation here: 303-253-3000.

Can’t join us? Be sure to pick up one of our house made Pumpkin, Chocolate Pecan or Apple Pies to go.

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